Your Business Should be About Income and Value

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All small business owners want their businesses to provide both steady income for present needs and value appreciation that ensures a successful future exit. However, many owners end up favoring income over value, and in the process inadvertently create what is referred to as a “lifestyle business”.  When an owner adopts this mindset, the company’s assets are often significantly depleted so that the company has at best, diminished value, and at worst, no value.  In these cases, when business owners exit their life’s work, they will most likely feel unfulfilled and emotionally ill-prepared for their next phase.

Regal’s Small Business Value Acceleration Strategies: Giving You Income AND Value

At Regal Wealth Advisors, we give our small business owners the tools and knowledge to run their business in a manner that ensures they have both adequate income and ongoing value appreciation that will translate to a rewarding exit.   In providing these services, we utilize the skills and knowledge of two Certified Exit Planning Advisors, Mike Zimmerman, President and Founder, and John Packer, Small Business Director.  Mike and John are a uniquely equipped team with decades of combined experience in wealth management and small business consulting.

We invite you to contact our office at 717-838-3178 and schedule an appointment to learn more about how our exit planning process—a process that can give you both income and value--can become your most important business strategy.


By John W. Packer, CPA, CEPA, MBA