Effective Exit Planning IS Excellent Business Strategy for TODAY

Regal Wealth Advisors |

Good exit planning is not a strategy to be used only when you decide it is time to consider selling your business. Rather, it is a highly effective business strategy designed to grow your business value today and take control of your destiny.

Effective exit planning is good business strategy because it is:

  1. fully integrated into how the business is run.
  2. focused on the present; it sets short-term, measurable goals designed to increase value.
  3. focused on growing your intangible assets and intellectual capital, which are your most valuable transferrable assets.
  4. designed to cultivate a culture of relentless execution.

The impact of growing your intangible assets and intellectual capital cannot be understated. These assets typically make up 80%-90% of a business’s total value.  

At Regal Wealth Advisors, we believe that sound exit planning is a crucial feature of our overall financial planning and wealth management services. We use the skills and knowledge of two Certified Exit Planning Advisors, Mike Zimmerman, President and Founder, and John Packer, Small Business Director, to help you grow the value of your most important investment. Mike and John are a uniquely equipped team with decades of combined experience in wealth management and small business consulting.  

We invite you to contact our office at 717-838-3178 and schedule an appointment to learn more about how exit planning can become your most important business strategy and an integral part of your life planning.


By John W. Packer, CPA, CEPA, MBA